Optimizing Your Gaming Experience on Your Mac

Most people consider gaming on computers can only be enjoyed on window’s PC’s alone because with window PC’s there are much variety of devices that comes cheaper with better software and hardware with much more games available than the OS X-based systems. Notwithstanding you can also enjoy gaming on your Mac PC’s. There are ways you can improve your gaming experience with your Mac computers. I provide you with some tips on how you can optimize your gaming experience using Mac computer and you no longer have to switch PCs because of that.

1. Checking Mac’s Existing Settings

When installing any game on Mac, ensure you’re very much familiar with the aspect of your Mac, which includes the OS, processor, memory, accessible hard drive space, and also the graphic card. To access this from your Mac PC all your need do is just tap the Apple icon on the menu bar and then click on About This Mac.

Knowing this information is very imperative because most games come with its minimum and recommended settings. Minimum requirement are always okay, but to be honest with you will prefer you to push for the recommended requirement settings about the game your installing if that will involve you updating your PC’s or even clearing some files from your hard drive just to clear some space on your PC’s just to have a smooth gaming experience.

2. Have enough space on your Hard Drive

Never should you allow your computer storage drops below 15% and then decide to install any games because with that storage your computer will always slow down because all other background apps that also need the storage will not be able to work at an optimal level with such space. Generally will know that Mac pro has only 3.63 GB of its storage, with that, if you want to have a seamless gaming experience you should have at least 20% of your memory still available. As should be obvious underneath, my Mac Book Pro just has 3.63 GB of accessible stockpiling, which sums generally to 3% of free stockpiling (wow). Keeping in mind the end goal to forestall issues, I ought to have around 18GB (15%) of memory accessible.

You can clear up your PC’s space by uninstalling apps you do not regularly utilize, duplicate records, and everything in your junk. In case you’re experiencing difficulty finding what to dispose of, download something like Dr. Cleaner or Monolingual, which help you automatically discover documents that you can uninstall from your PC

3. Closing All Open and Menu Bar Apps

Heavier applications, for example, web browsers like chrome and also movie editor takes a lot of your system space and leaves just a little space for another task on your PC, so before you begin playing games, make a point to stop any overwhelming apps running in your dock, and also quit all other background apps running from the menu bar. When you have fewer apps taking up your PC memory, the more responsive your Mac will be and this will make game play greatly improved.

4. Stopping Apps from Opening Automatically When You Log In

Each time you sign into your Mac, a modest bunch of apps opens automatically, utilizing your PC before you even do anything. Prevent all apps from auto-starting by going to System Preferences – > Users and Groups, then tap on “Login Items,” select an application or every one of them, and press the minus sign.

5. Dashboard or Notification Center Disable

Mostly these two features I am sure I don’t use and I am sure so many other people don’t use are the dashboard and the Notification Center. These features take control of the processing power and also take over the ram that can be used towards gaming. That is why I always advice to disable these two features.

6. Make Sure All of Your Software Is Up to Date

Updating your software does amazing things to the way your system runs that is why I will always go for staying Updated with all the software on your system. The updates fix both the bug and also add new features that influence the way your PC runs, and also your gaming experience.

On OS X, check for updates by tapping on the Apple symbol in the menu bar, then “About This Mac.” Click on “Programming Update…” and the Mac App Store will open, where you can refresh the greater part of your PC’s product, including your operating system.

7. Configure Game Settings

There are games setting that come with every game you install, whereby you can customize the graphics and also add more details to the background and much more. I will advise having some features disabled like the motion blur and sun shaft because for me I don’t really care about them all they do is cause lag and they will always need to constantly update which always slow the system down but It is now left to you to know the type of game graphic you will use because any settings you do will sure affect the performance of your game. Likewise, I will suggest you use different graphics setting ranging from high to low just to know it both affect your gaming experience.

8. Try both Windowed and Full-Screen Mode When Playing

The mode in which you play your game affects your gaming experience, playing in various view modes can influence gamely. I tried out a couple of game from Steam, in both windowed and full-screen modes, just to get how well the game can be played.

Some games slowed down a bit with the window been too small, yet there are some games that also slowed down when I went into full-screen mode. Experiment with every one of the alternatives conceivable to see which works best for you.

9. Use Windows to Play Games

Last yet surely not the least I will be suggesting is, you can simply utilize Windows on your Mac to play those games you love that are inaccessible on OS X. you can make use of Boot Camp Assistant to double boot Windows 10 on your Mac to play every one of the Windows window games you want to play.

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