Introduction of Gladius2

Welcome to the help pages for the multiplayer online game Gladius2.

You will find all the relevant information which you need to be successful in Gladius2. Take your time to look around – and if you have any questions, our Support team and also the forum team will be glad to help.


To get into the game, you should register at Gladiators II first.

To do this, “Register” or “Register here now”. After that you will select your personal nickname, enter your e-mail address, enter your birthdate and select a secret password. Don’t forget to accept the Terms & Conditions (Take the time to read through them; you can see them when you click on “Terms & Conditions”.). If you agree to everything, click on “Register”.

After you have registered, you can choose which gladiator you want to play with in the game.

On the following page – after your first registration – you can already play your first mission, a tutorial. It will help you to find your way around the arena and to get used to the controls. You can also prepare your gladiator for battle by clicking on “To the depot”.

Please note the following:

1. The first login can take a little while because the graphics for Gladius2 will be automatically downloaded. As soon as you enter a arena, the data for the arena will also be downloaded. Tip: By activating the cache in your browser, this will be a one-time occurrence.

2. For the first battle you unfortunately do not have any extra weapons or armor. Start with the two basic weapons: the Gladius (1 key) and the spears (2 key). During the game, you can find other equipment at the marketplace.

Now click on the help menu on the left: Here you will find out more about the individual menu points and the possibilities within the game.



Gladius 2 – the fighter game among the online games


Bloody and relentless battles await you in Gladius 2. You don’t get anything for free here. Step into one of the numerous arenas and confront your fate. Are you going to let your fear get the better of you or are you going to become the hero of this online game?

Equip your gladiator with everything that he needs: weapons, protective equipment and diverse types of alloys are at your disposal for this purpose. Bastard Bludgeons, Death Swords, Bone Breakers or Bludgeons – find the weapon that suits you. You won’t be able to tear yourself away from the gripping story of this online game.

Gladius 2 is not only one of many online games, it is THE online gladiator game. Brace yourself for the battle of your life and take on thousands of real gladiators.

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