Free Cross-Platform Mobile Games

Minecraft Pocket Edition

This game has different mode which is available for IOS and also android users. I enjoyed playing the survival mode with monster and zombies coming out at night. This game also features multiplayer where I can play with friends. With $6.99 you can purchase this amazing game on either the App store or Play store.

Real racing

Car racing is my thing. I love car racing games with awesome graphics with so many features. Real Racing 3 is a game that comes with so many amazing features. Real Racing 3 is the latest from Firemint/fire monkey. This game also offers multiplayer which allows you play with your friends. Another amazing feature I love about this game is the Time Shifted Multiplayer, what this does is that it allows you play with your opponent when there are even offline. The cool part is that this game comes free for both IOS users and android users.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

This is another beautiful battle game with amazing graphics developed by Gameloft. The multiplayer mode of this games comes in different modes including capture the flag battle which is also known as the deathmatch, team battle, zone control and it also comes with lots of weapon and gears. With the $6.99 you can get this game on both IOS and Android users

SAS: Zombie Assault 3

If you are the type of person that loves zombie- themed games I tell you that you will love this game. With this game you get to prepare for a top-down dual-stick co-operative survival against the zombies. In this game, you get three modes but you have to get through to all the three modes by unlocking them each starting from the first mode which is available at the beginning of the game. This game is about survival, if you can level u you get to have a better weapons and your mission is for you to extinguished zombies once and for all. And this game comes free to both IOS and Android users

Pocket Legends

This game first came in 2011 and up till today the game is still going strong. Whether you are the killing type or a loner, or a co-op addict this amazing game got you covered with its nice interface. Some of the playable characters of this game include bear and a hawk, crocodile, aliens and zombies. This game comes free for both android and IOS users.

Greed Corp

Greed Corp is a strategy game. You get to build war machines with this game and also fighting your rival on a hexagonal grid. You get to play multiplayer mode over a local wifi. The game feels fresh on both IOS and android devices. With $0.99 you can get the game on both operating systems.

Champs: Battlegrounds

Champs: Battleground is a game that is similar to final fantasy, but this game is dedicated to mixing real time and it also turn-based mechanics. With this game, you are in control of your squad. This is another combat game I will recommend to both Android and IOS user to play and also it supports multiplayer with allows more than one player. The game also comes with many interesting challenges and the game can be downloaded free on both Android and IOS platforms

Turtle Strike

This is a game developed by eeGon. Live turn-based as the developer calls it allows both players to take 30-seconndsto turn simultaneously while on speed. The game is a 3D game that I love so much which comes with amazing visuals which makes gaming very interesting. The Tournament in the game offers real prize money for winner.

Galaxy: Eternal Warfare

If you are the type that loves arcade shooting game I am telling that this is the game for you. with this game you are able to send fleet of ships to destroy your entire opponent; you also battle to take control of the galaxy. to master this game I have to be honest with you, it takes time but you can learn it easily while mastering it is tough.

Aeon Command

Here is another battleship game where you can spend all the money made on the ship and research and also battling foes in lengthy and also repeated skirmishes. The 2D visual of the game looks like the old-school PC games which has been remastered and adapted to touch screen. This game also comes with multiplayer. The game is offered for $2.99 on both IOS and android operating system.

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