Famous Video Game Series

Assassin’s Creed

When we talk about a unique game I tell you that AC is one of the biggest franchise out there. Assassin’s Creed consists of different game play like sword fighting, stealth, and parkour. And I have to be honest with you, its surprises me with the way all of the element works together. When I want to play video games what I look for is freedom to do things that can’t be achieve in real life, the freedom to fly anytime I wish, jumping on rooftops, going to different cities both the one’s that never existed and the ones that are still around, also engaging in some awesome sword fighting. The perfect thing about Assassin’s Creed is that the game provides me with all of these amazing features. Assassin Creed comes with so much uniqueness that makes the game much different from all other AAA games out there because the game does things that no other games do. The ability to solve the problem and feel achievement through stealth is some of the things that make Assassin Creed one of my favorite.

Grand Theft Auto

This is an evergreen game, I believe that this is the best game of all time and I know you will agree on that with me. GTA V is another game I believe stands out among the rest because of the amazing graphics and also the previous series of GTA were all classics and I am so sure GTA V will definitely be. So if firing guns on the street is your thing and collecting cars and shooting massive guns I believe this is the game for you.


I tell you this game stands out in the midst of FPS games. This game has a weaponry which is only available in a Halo game alone. Halo pushes the boundary whenever they are putting out a new game. This game creates massive story arcs also fast paced multiplayer and also comes with great graphics.

The Legend of Zelda

When we talk about games that have never faltered in its 25+ years and still counting, then we are talking about The Legend of Zelda. All the items in the game are unique, just with a hook shot, you can swing to a far away cliff and also get items, and also with a bow you can hit a far away target when it comes to burning and freezing all these and much more you can find in this game. The graphics of this game is so unique and also addictive. A game I will love to play all over again and again

Super Mario Bros

I believe this is one of the most entertaining games series out there, it can be played by two players and also their variety of character you can choose from playing. Also, there are cool maps which comes with their own setup.

Final Fantasy

There are so many things that made this game so amazing to play. The storyline, the heroes, villains also all the character are so perfect. The games is so different when it comes to the environment and the plot line. There is always something for everyone to love about this game series.

Mass Effect

This is another game series I have ever played. The game throws you in the midst of aliens, planet, and new universe. The game is so refreshing and playing it seems effortless. I tell you that this game is a masterpiece from the beginning of the series, talking about the exciting combat, well-written character and also irresistible dialogue. This is one I tell you is so close to the player. It so packed with so much originality, clever jokes also genre-defining mechanics. The whole series of this games is epic


Mortal Kombat

When it comes to combat in a game, Mortal Kombat has proven to be very relevant from the beginning of its series. Kicking ass in this game is much fun; also the storyline is so amazing which also comes with amazing graphics. All the character in this franchise is awesome. This I tell you Mortal Kombat is one of the best fighting games series out there.

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