Best Way to Convert All Audio / Video Files to MP3

When in need of converting any file format to Mp3, it is now possible with the All2Mp3 app for Windows and Mac. I’m going to take you through the process of converting for Mac.

The process or steps for converting all files into the Mp3 format is similar while using the All2Mp3 for Mac.

All you need is download the All2Mp3 App on the internet by visiting the official website and click the download link.

The official website to get the app should have the above templates and theme. It is important to ensure that you are on the official website as many scammers on the internet will lure you into clicking their links only to find that you are just subscribing to ads and other unnecessary promotions. The app is free of charge. There is no trial version for the app. The app that you download is the real one, which is ads free and safe your computer. No virus or malware that comes with this app. On the website, the download link is visible. It will only take you few seconds, and you will have the app on your computer. Install the app by following the standard installation process of apps in your Mac, and then follow the following steps to convert all file formats including WAV, WMA, MPC, FLAC and any other format to Mp3.

  1. Open the All2Mp3 for Mac

    Assuming you downloaded the application as explained by visiting the website and clicking the free download for Mac. Now you have the application, and you can convert virtually every file format to audio or Mp3. The app has been tested and proved to have the ability to convert more than 50 different file formats into audio or Mp3 format giving the best quality.

    You now need to launch the app. It should appear on your screen.

  2. The launched application should look as shown above. On the opened app, you can note that it can convert all ranges of files to audio. The list of among the file formats that can be converted using the app is the one at the bottom. The list is endless thus the phrase ‘moreā€¦’
  3. Input Source Files

    The file of origin refers to the archive that you want to convert to audio or Mp3. The easiest way to do this is by dragging the file and dropping it to the open All2Mp3 app. This option is mostly applicable if the file you are converting is saved on the desktop. You need to save the file to the desktop for easy dragging before opening the All2Mp3 app. The other way to input the source file is by clicking the add button just at the bottom of the app as seen in the picture. When you click Add button, you will be able to browse through your computer and get the file. Afterwards, click use file and it will be ready for the next step.

  4. Set Output Quality and Path

    On the app, there is a feature for selecting the quality of the Mp3 that you want. There is a slide bar with for options for the quality starting with Less, Middle, Good and Super. As the words say, by sliding the bar up to the fewer labels you will have chosen to convert the file to a little quality. The same applies to Middle quality, safe and finally the super which is the best and recommended file format that you can use. If you forget to select the file quality that you want, it will be converted on the default settings of the app which is usually the super quality of 320kbps.

    If you want to reset the settings, you can click the reset button, and the slide bar for file quality will be on default settings.

  5. As you can see above, it is possible to adjust the quality further using the sliding bitrates scale. The default for the settings is usually at 320kbps which is most preferred by you can adjust according to your tastes or will. All you need is to slide the bar to the quality that you want. The best thing about this part is that the bar is calibrated and you can easily select your audio quality quickly.
  6. Start Conversion

    Having selected the file format, you are now ready to go by clicking the convert button, and the conversion starts. It just takes few seconds to save an average file.

    The converted file is saved in the initial place or folder where it was before conversion. By opening it in the folder, you will now have the new converted audio and not the original file format.

    On the app, there is a place labeled ‘trash file after conversion’ on the bottom right corner where we have the slide bar. That is where you can find the original file which is, in this case, the trash. By clicking enable, you will be able to locate it in the trash.

    Those are the easy steps of converting all file formats to audio or Mp3 formats. The steps are discrete and very clear; no technicality needed for one to do this. The only thing that I will emphasize is the official website for downloading the original Alls2mp3 app for Mac. By typing the website URL correctly, you will be safe from any risk that may arise from using the unofficial app. The correct URL for the site is You can copy and paste the link into your browser or just click it from here, and you will be redirected to the official website.

    Feel free to leave comments and feedback as per your experience with using the app. You will be impressed with the app performance if so, feel free to suggest and recommend the app to your friends for them to enjoy too. Music is life, and we need it as it should be.

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